Its summer how can somebody be sad! Everyone should be happy now and forgett everything its holidays:) its warmt and light and sun in shinnig or not yet but still you can just sleep how mutch you want:) im proud of my self just little scared but im just 18 and i havent had a real boyfriend. Ever. So that is normal to be little scared i think, right? :) but well i dont gonna think so mutch its soo hard. But the point i feel happy right now. I did saw a flash lighting ⚡️⚡️Heeh tomorrow its wednesday i want to go out i have been home 4days just chill and went to the gym, you now summes abs ;) must be skinny and beautiful<3 tomorrow i see my bf i havent aee him in4 days /: but sleep sweet and dream about candy sweet 😘❤️



Why are you accting so wierd to me?
Should i just let it go? I dont no annything... What have i done? I hate when people cant say all out and dont hide it, really 😱 Я скучаю по тебе.
Okey everything is fine now :D